About us

At PrimaCare, we deliver quality-assured treatment networks to the insurance industry as well as to municipalities, pension companies and others. We offer a wide range of treatments within physiotherapy, chiropractic and psychology where we have hand-picked our providers for their ability to combine high quality, high efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

PrimaCare has a strong healthcare professional profile with a focus on healthcare navigation and evidence, as well as a high degree of transparency with our customers. We offer our customers a unique ability to navigate the client to the right therapist as well as strong health professional guidance.

For us, it is important that the client receives a good, professional treatment, where high professionalism, motivation and the clients' own competencies come into play, so the client has the best prerequisites for moving forward from his/her problems both now and in the future.

It is our vision to be able to offer our quality-assured network broadly within the insurance world, as well as our highly professional healthcare schemes for both the public and private sector.

What makes us unique

Health navigation

PrimaCare has several years of experience in effective health navigation. We use this knowledge to ensure that the people who need help not only receive treatment, but receive the right treatment. This means higher customer satisfaction and better economy for our partners

Quality assurance

We ensure high quality through ongoing quality measurements within of customer satisfaction, effect measurement in courses of treatment processes and physical checks of clinics and networks. We monitor all cases and follow up on cases where the treatment effect or customer satisfaction does not meet the standards our customers can rightly expect.

Health data

PrimaCare has access to a unique and documented knowledge of navigation in the private / public health system with a different approach to the individual's health needs. Our support for the future needs for intelligent navigation, customer satisfaction and health data makes PrimaCare a value-creating partner in frequency injuries

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Oona Health are a part of the UN Global Compact, which is the world's collective initiative towards more sustainable development. By joining the UN Global Compact, we as a company commit ourselves to follow the UN's 17 world goals. At Oona Health, we will support the UN's Global Compact goals in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We recognize the goals of sustainable development and their importance for creating a better world by 2030.

We are committed to work for the implementation of the UN Global Compact principles. We are committed to keeping our customers, employees and stakeholders informed about our actions and objectives.

Our organisation

PrimaCare is a part of Oona Health, owned by TopDanmark. Learn more of our organisation.