Strong Network - Best Treatment

The best treatment providers

Are you looking for help with your health? Our network of practitioners lives up to the highest healthcare standards and is among the best in Denmark.

For us, it is important that the customer receives a good, professional treatment, where high professionalism, motivation and the customer's own competencies come into play, so the customer has the best conditions to move forward from his problems both now and in the future. It is our vision to be able to offer our quality-assured network broadly within the insurance world, as well as our highly professional healthcare schemes for both the public and private sectors.

Get off to a good start

If you experience pain or have been injured, we will help you from the start. We have collected the latest research in the field of pain in the body, and we give you the best advice and exercises, so you can get off to a good start with training.

FIDIMI - your digital health assistant

FIDIMI as a product at PrimaCare is a digital-based health concept that helps companies deal with health challenges. Using a scientific algorithm, we embrace both physical and mental health. It is the individual needs that are in focus. Based on a digital screening that maps the overall health, all employees will be taken care of with an individual action plan and associated inspiration and advice for a healthier lifestyle.

Health navigation

Health navigation

We help you find the therapist who can best help you with your problem. We have many years of experience in health navigation, and we are always ready to help you so that you get the treatment you need.

Quality assurance

We know our therapists and work closely with them, so you are guaranteed the best quality in your treatment. Your experience with the therapist is important to us, which is why we always send a customer satisfaction survey to all courses, so that both we and the therapists can learn more about your experience and work together even better for your health.

Health data

To help you as best as possible, we have a unique and documented knowledge of both the private and public healthcare system. We understand that we are all different, so we look at your individual health needs.